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Potter's Wheel - Electric
Shimpo Whisper RK-3E/VL
Direct drive, brushless DC motor 1/2HP, electronic speed controller, forward and reverse switch, detachable remote foot pedal, 0 - 250rpm, 2 piece splashpan, 5 height of legs 13cm-53cm, can be used as a table top wheel, 35cm wheelhead, 30kg clay capacity. Weighs 60kg

Price: £1780.00

Shimpo Whisper T
This is an economy version of the Whisper, ideal as a first wheel and perfect if on a tight budget. Direct drive, brushless DC motor 0.5HP, 0 to 250rpm, Electronic speed controller, built in breaker, forward and reverse switch, remote foot pedal, built-in breaker, 2 piece splashpan, 30cm wheelhead, 2 year warranty. Weighs 53kg

Price: £1320.00

Shimpo RK55
This is a new wheel from Shimpo and perfect if you are on a tight budget and learning to throw or if you do not need to centre more than 11kg clay. It has a built-in worktable for tools and pots, two piece splashpan, remote foot pedal, three leg design to increase stability and modular design for compact storage. Direct Drive DC Motor with Brush, 0.125HP, 0 to 250 rpm, forward and reverse switch, 30cm wheelhead , 2 year warranty. Weighs 23kg

Price: £980.00

Shimpo RK-5TF Table Top Wheel - foot pedal
This is the same wheel as described above except with a foot pedal replacing the hand speed control lever.

Price: £740.00

Shimpo stool
This padded stool has adjustable legs that can be adjusted to height (from 19 to 26" in 1" increments) and can be tilted. The tilt feature allows you to lean over your work while centering on the wheel and relieves back strain.

Price: £80.00