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Gas Kilns by Rohde

These are outstanding kilns in their easy and safe gas heating technology and maintenance free.

The downdraft technology gives even temperature distribution and the extremely silent high-performance intermediate pressure burner which has been developed for these kiln types, ensure an optimal increase in temperatures even in the high temperature range resulting in no pressure drop during firing.

Reduction control is carried out manually by means of a flue side and all models are equipped with spy holes to monitor the firing process with cones.

The kilns are supplied with a TC505 control unit (firing curve with automatic shut down) and a thermocouple with temperature meter. The lid on the top loaders are supported by gas struts which makes safe and easy opening.

Details - open pdf view pdf

Rohde TG Gas Kiln

There are 4 top loaders to choose from (see pdf above).

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Rohde KG Gas Kiln

There are 5 front loaders to choose from (see pdf above).

A technical redesign of Rohde gas-fired frontloaders (Series KG) was publicised in December 2015, accompanied by info sheets - view pdf
- Improvement of the insulation from 2 to 3 layers (improvement of approx. 30%).
- Improvement of the floor construction in the area of the burners.
- Working height 500 mm (all models of the KG series).
- Adjustment of the exhaust air handle by means of a guide scale.
- 2 spy holes in the kiln door (as a standard).
- Door panel adjustable at the door hinge.
- KG750A & KG1000A: door inclination adjustable.
- KG1000A with 6 burners (previously 4), thus improved firing control >1000°C.

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Gas Kilns by Potterycrafts Ltd.

For over thirty years Laser was the leading British manufacturer of gas kilns for potters in craft, education and small industry. Potterycrafts acquired the Laser business in 2012 and together with Laser's technical staff they have re-designed the kilns to enhance the quality and enable a better fit with existing electric kiln manufacturing processes in Stoke-on-Trent.

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Laser Kiln - propane Potterycrafts Laser - Propane

There are 5 kilns to choose from in this range.

PG4P (115ltr)Price £2,610
PG6P (190ltr)Price £3,327
PG8P (244ltr)Price £3,875
PG12P (336ltr)Price £6,375
PG16P (455ltr)Price £9,054
Pyramid Kilns by Roderveld - Gas and Wood-fired

The Pyramid Kiln excels because of its simplicity and efficiency. It offers enormous prospects for experimenting. It can be fired with wood or propane gas, in reduction or oxidising, for RAKU, biscuit or full glaze firing, either fully loaded or for a quick firing with just one pot.

Because of its economical firing, fast rise of temperature and safe use, the PYRAMID is a versatile powerful and affordable kiln for every enthusiastic potter!

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Roderveld Pyramid Kilns

There are 6 kilns to choose from in this range.

RDVK16 PYRAMID Wood Kiln 135 ltrPrice £870
RDVK17 PYRAMID Propane Gas Kiln 135 ltrPrice £1,200
RDVK19 Propane Burner set 12 kwPrice £576

RDVK1 PYRAMID Wood Kiln 240 ltrPrice £1,350
RDVK2 PYRAMID Propane Gas Kiln 240 ltrPrice £1,720
RDVK4 Propane Burner set 20 kwPrice £630

RDVK18 PYRAMID Wood/Propane Gas Kiln 135 ltrPrice £1,500
RDVK3 PYRAMID Wood/Propane Gas Kiln 240 ltrPrice £2,000
Prices are for kilns only, burners for 135ltr and 240ltr kilns are as listed above.