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Pyramid Kilns by Roderveld - Gas and Wood-fired

The Pyramid Kiln excels because of its simplicity and efficiency. It offers enormous prospects for experimenting. It can be fired with wood or propane gas, in reduction or oxidising, for RAKU, biscuit or full glaze firing, either fully loaded or for a quick firing with just one pot.

Because of its economical firing, fast rise of temperature and safe use, the PYRAMID is a versatile powerful and affordable kiln for every enthusiastic potter!

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Roderveld Pyramid Kilns

There are 6 kilns to choose from in this range.

RDVK16 PYRAMID Wood Kiln 135 ltrPrice £1680
RDVK17 PYRAMID Propane Gas Kiln 135 ltrPrice £1880
RDVK4 Propane Burner set 20 kwPrice £840

RDVK1 PYRAMID Wood Kiln 240 ltrPrice £2080
RDVK2 PYRAMID Propane Gas Kiln 240 ltrPrice £2280
RDVK4 Propane Burner set 20 kwPrice £840

RDVK18 PYRAMID Wood/Propane Gas Kiln 135 ltrPrice £2280
RDVK3 PYRAMID Wood/Propane Gas Kiln 240 ltrPrice £2680
Prices are for kilns only, burners for 135ltr and 240ltr kilns are as listed above.