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Toploading Hobby Kilns by Potterycrafts

Potterycrafts Ltd are an established British kiln manufacturer and have many years of experience in kiln building.

The hobby kilns are particularly good and easy to use coming as a complete package with kiln, controller and kiln furniture set to get you started.

The P59220, P59230 and P59240 come with a TC3300-1 controller (1 programme memory each with 2 segments) and can be plugged into a 13 amp socket. The P59240-ECO comes with a CERA-2 (2-programme memory each with 3 segments). You can upgrade the controller at extra cost.

All are mounted on castors, have full brick lid construction and are fitted with Kanthal A1 elements.

All kilns are made to order and take approximately 4 weeks.

Standard Pallet delivery by a tail lift vehicle is to ground level to your driveway or kerbside. Please ensure that you consider how you will move the kiln to its final position.

Details - open pdf view pdf

P59220 Mercury 13Amp

30 litres

This would also make a good test kiln

1300 deg cent (Cone 10)

Price: £1,418.00

P59230 Aurora 13Amp

40 litres

1260 deg cent (Cone 8)

Price: £1,688.00

P59230HT Aurora High Temperature (20amp single phase)

40 litres

1300 deg cent (Cone 10)

Price: £1,688.00

P59240 Comet ECO 13Amp

This new addition to the Potterycrafts range of top-loading kilns combines the benefit of a large capacity of 60 litres with the benefit of “plug and go”. The kiln is supplied with a ST425-1 controller which is simple to use robust and reliable (2 programs, each of 3 segments).

All you need is to do is plug into a 13 amp standard power socket set the controller and go!

1200 deg cent (Cone 5)

Price: £1,908.00

P59240 Comet (32amp single phase)

60 litres

1300 deg cent (Cone 10)

Price: £1,894.00