Duncan Specialty Products
 Duncan Specialty Products brush-on glaze, product summary
Firing range 1000 to 1020 deg C.

The samples show the results we achieved on both light coloured and red clay and were all fired at 1040 deg C in an electric kiln.


SY546 is used mainly as an accent glaze item. Use a palette knife, brush or stick. Apply thickly over unfired glaze and treat as an additional coat.

Details of sample preparation
The glaze samples are based on a 4cm square tile of a pale clay.
A diagonal stripe of red slip was then applied to simulate the effect on red clay.
The red clay is always shown in the bottom right hand corner.
For matt finishes, a clear glaze was applied on an opposite diagonal.

EARTHENWARE - We poured P1616 Casting slip into a tile mould and when dry brushed on 2 coats of UG38 Light Brown Contem underglaze with a hake, on the right hand diagonal to represent red coloured clay and   biscuit fired to 1000 deg cent.  We brushed on 3 coats of the glaze with a hake and re-fired to 1040 deg cent. in an electric kiln.

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