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It looks like Spring may have made an appearance! If you are putting off re-claiming your clay then this could be a good time to start.

If the clay is hard and dry, wearing a mask, put the dry clay in a strong plastic bag (old clay or raw materials bags are good for this), and start bashing the clay until it is in small pieces. Put the clay in a bucket and cover with water – over a few days this will slake down then it can be turned out onto a plaster batt. Remember to keep turning the clay so all the moisture is absorbed in the plaster and then wedge up and seal in a clean dry clay bag.

If you have used up all your re-claimed clay then treat yourself to some new clay and with 10% off listed prices for orders placed in March 2019 you can save some money too!

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These are items that have been discontinued or we no longer keep in stock. Many items are still available but at full price!

Prices have been slashed by up to 50%.

If you spend £50 on these items, then we will give you a further 5% off.

Keep checking out the ‘Offers’ section as new items are added to the list from time to time.
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Over forty book titles plus a handful of Ceramic Review back numbers.

Up to 35% off marked prices.

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